Where are my photos?

If you ordered online: Online orders typically arrive within 2-3 weeks to the address you provided at checkout.

If your ordered at school: Orders typically arrive to the school 3-4 weeks after photo day.

If you ordered a digital download: Digital downloads typically arrive 2-4 weeks from the order date, to the email you provided at checkout or on your form. Please be sure to check your spam folders.

Why haven’t I recevied my re-take photos?

For students who re-took their photos and would prefer the second image, the original package MUST be returned to the studio to receive a free replacement package.

If you are mailing a package back to exchange it, please include your name, address & and an email address and phone number. Please mail it to:

Studio-e Photography

39 Everett Dr.

Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

Once the package is received, we will email/call you with instructions on how to select the image for the re-take package.

I returned the order to the school, but I still haven’t gotten my re-take package.

The school may not have sent the packages back to the studio yet. Please check with your school to see what the status is.

I got an 8×10 with my name on it, but I didn’t order anything. What is this?

Every students gets a free 8×10 print with their name and ordering information. This way, parents can still get a chance to see their child’s photo and decided to order online.





Entourage Yearbooks Advisor’s Conference & 9 tips to better candid photos!

Kicking off our 2018 year, Studio-e was invited to photograph the Entourage Yearbooks Advisor’s Conference. The conference consists of three days of yearbook advisors from across the country coming together to learn how to design a better book, get your school involved, and other helpful tips for a school advisor. With so much going on during the day, one of the biggest components to capturing the learning experiences & commraderie between everyone, are the candid photos we capture of everyone! We love to capture those in-between moments, when someone is laughing at a joke, or that  “AHA!” moment during a seminar when something finally clicks! It’s these moments, these memories that really stand out, and are what showcase what makes Entourage & it’s advisors stand out from other yearbook companies.


In preparation for the conference next week, we are always looking for ways to better ourselves. How do we capture BETTER photos than the last time? Here are some of our favorite tips for taking great candid photos


Don’t put your camera down! 

The best way to capture those split second moments, is to always be ready for them! Knowing where you are headed, and having a general idea of what happening can also help you prepare. If you’re going to a concert, you’ll probably want a long zoom lens, but if you’re going to dinner at an intimate restaurant, you’ll probably want a wider lens.

Don’t use flash

As soon as you see a flash go off, the secret is out that you are taking photos. Suddenly, everyone will try to pose and then you’ve lost the moment! Learn to shoot with available light, so you can capture the moments unobtrusively. If you’re shooting in a low light situation, try increasing your ISO settings, and shooting at the widest aperature possible.

Use a zoom lens

Another moment killer is being in your subject’s faces with a camera. Try using a zoom lens so that you can stand back and let the moment unfold without getting in the way.

Never stop photographing!

Even the oldest pros can’t always capture the moments the first time, and a lot of times they’re gone. You can set your camera to “rapid-fire” so that by holding down the shutter button, it will take photos in bursts, like your iPhone. This way, you’re more likely to get the “money shot” without missing it!

Know what you are walking into

It’s not always possible to know what a situation is going to call for, but try to find out a little bit about where you think you will be shooting, so that you can be prepared. If you are shooting an event, try to get a schedule of the speeches, presentations and other things before hand. This way, you can strategically place yourself at the best angles to get the best photos.

Shoot from the hip

If you’re 5’10”, and you take every photo from the exact same spot, eye level, well, they will start to look pretty boring. Try mixing up your angles! Put your camera on auto-focus and hold the camera up high and shoot downwards. Hold the camera at hip level and see what moments you catch!

Use the foreground

A good way to add depth to candid photos is to utilize foreground elements. Shoot over someones shoulder, or through a doorframe!

Know the difference between Aperature & Shutter priority modes

While any pro will tell you shooting in manual is the way to go, even we are guilty of using shutter & aperature priority modes sometimes! Manual mode can be too slow for candids, so try using these. Aperature mode is good for low light situations, you can set your aperature & ISO settings, and the camera chooses the rest based on what it reads. The same goes for Shutter priority mode. You choose your shutter speed & ISO, and the camera will choose the aperature. This mode is great for fast moving subjects like sports.


To get the money shot, you have to go all out, be bold & willing to do what it takes! Shoot with purpose & confidence and you’ll be surprised at what you capture!